The Team cR Designers

  • Evinity

    Hello guys! I am a Co-Owner and the Lead Designer for Critical Reaction. I joined cR back in August 18, 2014. Some examples of my work that you may have seen range from various cR twitter headers, youtube thumbnails, overlays and this very website you are visiting. My passion for designing lead to my interest to joining this great organization and doing all that I can to help it flourish. Along with designing, I as you would probably expect play video games of all genres. If you are interested to play XBOX my gamertag is Evinity and for PS4 it is MrEvinity. Thank you for visiting and supporting cR!   -Evinity...Read More

  • IcyGentleman

    I’m Ivan Cigula (22) also known as "Icy Gentleman" i live in Zagreb (Croatia) I’m Graphic Designer & League of Legends player.   Perfected in Social Media Design ...Read More

  • Droid

    Hey My name is Christopher Santiago also known as Droid. Im a Competetive Call of Duty Player For Critical Reactions. Im a Youtuber, Streamer very dedicated and loyal. Im a Call of Duty FFA Champion Im always going to try to improve always trying to get better....Read More

  • NewYorksFinest

    Occupation: Digital Artist       Hometown: Bronx, NY           Favorite Game: Halo 2        Joined cR on the April 16th 2016  Please follow me on twitter @NewYorkszFinest ...Read More