cR WoundCowboy

cR WoundCowboy


13                                                 9

Injustice World Rank___________Mortal Kombat X World Rank

WoundCowboy has been a longtime joy to cR. His placements in the fighting game arena are unbeatable. According to, he is ranked 13th in Injustice and 9th in Mortal Kombat X.

In Injustice, he has placed Top 4 at 5 out of 6 recorded events. Here are his recorded tournament results:

KIT 15 - 4th

Evolution 2014 - 13th

MLG Anaheim - 4th

Frosty Faustings - 1st

The Fall Classic - 3rd

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9 - 2nd


His placements in Mortal Kombat X are even more impressive, earning him the title of the 9th best player in the world in Mortal Kombat X. His placements include:

KIT 2016 - 4th

SoCal Regionals 2015 - 9th

EGL Dallas - 1st

Evolution 2015 - 9th

CEO 2015 - 13th

ESL Pro League Week 6 - 4th

Midwest Championships 2015 - 7th