cR BioHazard

cR BioHazard


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Injustice World Rank_________Mortal Kombat X World Rank

BioHazard has shocked the world in many top-notch placings including in his career 9 Top 10 placements in Injustice and 5 in MKX according to 

Some Injustice highlights include Toryuken 4 - IGAU where he placed 2nd, Toryuken 3 - IGAU where he placed 3rd as well as Winter Brawl 9, KIT Tenessee, East Coast Throwdown, The Fall Classic, Summer Jam 8, and Canadian East Coast Chamionships all in which he placed top 8.

In Mortal Kombat, his road to fame grew with many top placements. This includes Canada Cup 2015 where he placed 4th, Defend the North, KIT 2016, and Northern Battles 20, where he placed 5th at all three, as well as East Coast Throwdown placing 9th.