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Thu 21st Jan 2016 - 8:17pm : Player Profiles
     Dekillsage is widely recognized in the SkullGirls arena for his multiple top placing, making him the #1 ranked SkullGirls player    
 currently in the world. His multiple accomplishments has kept him going since he started in the competitive scene. Here is our  one-on-one player interview with dekillsage and cR Brenda.
  In General, how did start playing video games?
  "I started playing video games when my parents bought me a Super Nintendo when I was a kid. Super Mario World and Donkey  Kong Country were my first games, they were pretty great and kept me hooked."
  How did you get into the competitive scene?
  "I watched a lot of tournament matches for Smash Bros Melee and Brawl, and it looked fun so I decided to go to tournaments    after finding out I had a local tournament scene. That's pretty much it."
  Who are, or were, your inspirations in the competitive scene?
  "I loved watching KoreanDJ play, and he was definitely the main person who inspired me to play Smash competitively. He just hit  people and they died so fast!!! If you haven't watched his MLG matches,
you should look them up. I probably wouldn't have played without watching those games."
Did you think you would get this far today?
"In Skullgirls, not really. I just practiced and played a lot and eventually ended up being one of the best players. I'm pretty happy about it, but sometimes I just stop and think 'how?' ya know? In Smash I'm about where I thought I would be."
What is your advice to inspire fans wanting to join the competitive scene?
"Just have fun."
What are some fun facts about yourself that you would like to let your fans know?
"I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. Hit me up with the sweets. lool"
What are some of your hobbies outside of gaming?
"I don't really have any other hobbies. For the most part outside of gaming I focus on my studies."
Do you have any favorite sports teams?
"None. I don't watch any sports. "
Any final thoughts or words?
"I want to thank Mindset and all of Critical Reaction for being super amazing to me. Thanks to Sonic, he's one of the main reasons I've gotten this far in Skullgirls and the reason why I got the chance to be on cR. I hope to do well in 2016, thanks for all the support!"

Tournament placings found [9] SKULLGIRLS tournaments for Dekillsage

NEC 16 - SKULLGIRLS Premier 5 1 2015-12-12
CEOtaku 2015 - SKULLGIRLS Premier 5 1 2015-10-19
Summer Jam 9 - SKULLGIRLS Premier Mandatory 1 2015-08-31
Combo Breaker 2015 - SKULLGIRLS Premier 12 2 2015-05-24
Northwest Majors 7 - SKULLGIRLS Premier Mandatory 1 2015-04-26
Northeast Championships 15 - SKULLGIRLS Premier 5 1 2014-12-08
GUTS 3 - SKULLGIRLS Premier 5 2 2014-09-22
Evolution 2014 - SKULLGIRLS Grand Slam 1 2014-07-14
East Coast Throwdown 2014 - SKULLGIRLS Premier Mandatory 3 2014-05-04

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