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Thu 21st Jan 2016 - 9:11pm : Player Profiles
      cR Honeybee, the Canadian prospect, is currently ranked #6 in Injustice and #8 in Mortal Kombat X. 
  He has many largely-known accomplishments throughout many tournaments. Here is our  one-on-one player interview with
  Honeybee and cR Brenda.
  In General, how did start playing video games?
  "Our dad had a Nintendo and a super Nintendo growing up so me and Matt played that a lot. We also got GameBoy pockets when we were around 6 so we've been playing for a while."
  How did you get into the competitive scene?
  "I played Injustice online a lot and won so much that I thought I should win money off it. I Google searched "Toronto Injustice Tournaments" and found out about Toronto TopTiers. I asked Matt to go with me to the local they were having and we've never stopped competing. That was back in May/June 2013."
  Who/what are, or were, your inspirations in the competitive scene?
  "Just the joy of competing and making new friends with the people that I played with. It's addicting.Also supporting the scene and the love of the game."
Did you think you would get this far today?
"Back when I started, I never imagined I'd be able to make "HoneyBee" a name to be respected throughout the NRS community haha. So no. Definitely not."
What is your advice to inspire fans wanting to join the competitive scene? 
"Do whatever you love doing and give it your best effort. Everyone is capable of great things with enough perseverance."
What are some fun facts about yourself that you would like to let your fans know?
"I'm from Canada and it's cold lol."
What are some of your top accomplishments?
"Basically anything I've received a medal for, with my EVO 3rd place being at the very top of the list. Winning a 4th place medal for Injustice at UFGT 2014 was really important for me because that was my first medal and it was during a 3 week period where I placed 5th at ECT, 1st at Toryuken and 4th at UFGT. It definitely helped cement my name and status as the Flash to beat."
What are some of your hobbies outside of gaming?
"I love playing pool, board games, chilling with friends, watching shows and my new years resolution is to start working out again."
Do you have any favorite sports teams?
"Netherlands is always who I root for during the World Cup/Euro Cup. I don't watch too much sports outside of that."
Any final thoughts or words?
"Thanks for taking interest in me! I hope to make an even bigger impact on the NRS scene in 2016!"

Tournament placings found [10] IGAU tournaments for HoneyBee


East Coast Throwdown 2015 - IGAU Premier 12 5 2015-06-15
Toryuken 4 - IGAU Premier 12 1 2015-05-17
Winter Brawl 9 - IGAU Premier 12 2 2015-02-22
Kumite In Tenessee 15 - IGAU Premier Mandatory 3 2015-01-11
The Fall Classic 2014 - IGAU Premier Mandatory 3 2014-10-12
Summer Jam 8 - IGAU Premier Mandatory 9 2014-08-31
Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 10 - IGAU Premier Mandatory 4 2014-05-25
Toryuken 3 - IGAU International 1 2014-05-19
East Coast Throwdown 2014 - IGAU Premier 5 5 2014-05-12
Canadian East Coast Championships - IGAU Unranked 2 2013-10-20


Tournament placings found [10] MKX tournaments for HoneyBee


KIT 2016 - MKX Premier Mandatory 13 2016-01-18
NEC 16 - MKX Premier Mandatory 9 2015-12-12
Canada Cup 2015 - MKX Premier 12 3 2015-10-30
Defend the North 2015 - MKX Premier 5 3 2015-10-24
Summer Jam 9 - MKX Premier 5 17 2015-08-31
Evolution 2015 - MKX Grand Slam 3 2015-07-19
CEO 2015 - MKX Premier 5 7 2015-06-29
East Coast Throwdown 2015 - MKX Premier Mandatory 9 2015-06-15
Northern Battles 20 - MKX Circuit 1 2015-06-10
Toryuken 4 - MKX Premier 12 1 2015-05-17


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